Pre-Foreclosure Alternatives and Short Sales

Did you know there are 9 alternatives to foreclosure? As a Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist and a Certified HAFA Short Sale Specialist, I understand the pressure borrowers are under when behind in payments or have tried to work with the bank to no viable solution. Just know that Short Sales have become a much quicker alternative when done by a professional and are less damaging to one’s credit that either foreclosure or bankruptcy. With recent changes in the HAMP and HAFA guidelines, lenders, borrowers and 2nd holders are all rewarded for a successful short sale and the timelines have been set and must be adhered to by any lender who took TARP funds. Call me for a free, no obligation consultation if you or someone you know is in a distress situation with their home loan(s), even if they have tried modifying and failed or are considering bankruptcy.


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